Counselor Chill Corner: activity #4 totem temperature taker

August 24, 2012

The totem pole is a fun tool to use to measure student’s mood.  At the beginning of the school year take a picture of each student.  Cut out the face and attach it to a Hawaiian shirt.  Inform the student that he or she will use their Hawaiian piece to take their temperature.  The student […]

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August Book of the Month Winner

August 22, 2012

Congratulations to Sherri S.! She is the winner of Good-bye, Baby Max written by Diane Cantrell. My September pick is The Dot written by Peter H. Reynolds. The Dot is not just for kids. This book sends a wonderful message to adults about their role in encouraging children to take risks. The Dot is a […]

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Counselor Chill Corner: activity #3 porthole check point

August 16, 2012

Ahoy mate!  The porthole activity is a fun tool to use for teaching children how to manage their emotions.  The students will be able to identify their emotion by looking at their own image in the porthole mirror.  When a person becomes angry there are physiological changes in their body.  These changes are signals from […]

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August book review & activity: Good-bye, Baby Max written by Diane Cantrell

August 10, 2012

Good-bye, Baby Max written by Diane Cantrell serves as an excellent springboard to discuss death with children.  This book approaches the topic of death in a gentle and loving manner.  Loss is a difficult topic for many adults.  Our own fears around death may sometimes interfere with our ability to support children in their grieving […]

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Counselor Chill Corner: activity #2 push wall

August 7, 2012

The push wall activity is perfect for counselors who do not have a lot of space.  A push wall is another great outlet, like the flip flop stomp mat, for burning off some steam.  This is another great tool for teaching students an appropriate and safe way to cope with their emotions.  Why not provide your […]

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Counselor Chill Corner: activity #1 flip flop stomp mat

August 2, 2012

Sometimes we just need a safe place to cool off and chill.  This area of your office might not be as spacious, but you can definitely incorporate your favorite elements.  I have over 25 activities in my chill corner.   Introducing your chill corner to students before they need to chill is always a great idea.  […]

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July Book of the Month Winner

July 23, 2012

Congratulations to Sara B!  She is the winner of Making Friends Is an Art by Julia Cook. In August I will be reviewing Good-bye, Baby Max written by Diane Cantrell. All four month and annual subscribers have a chance to win this excellent book.

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Making Friends Is an Art! by Julia Cook: Book Review & Activity

July 12, 2012

I am a huge fan of Julia Cook.  I have not come across many books about friendship that I love to use with kids.  However, Julia hit the crayon right on the tip when writing this colorful book. Summary Brown is the least used crayon in the box.  He’s tall, geeky and feels like he doesn’t […]

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Feeling Box

July 4, 2012

It was time to create a new tool to help my students identify and process their feelings.  My main goal in developing a new resource is to use a creative approach that will grab the attention of my students.  In order to accomplish this task I would normally strive to think outside of the box.  However, this time I opted […]

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Moody Masks

June 13, 2012

Body language is a valuable way to gain information.  Someone’s facial expression is a good indicator of their true feeling.  We have all encountered the person with bulging eyes and a red face who claims they are not angry.   Mood Messages Create your own set of moody masks to use for the following demonstration. Hold up the […]

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