Moody Masks

Body language is a valuable way to gain information.  Someone’s facial expression is a good indicator of their true feeling.  We have all encountered the person with bulging eyes and a red face who claims they are not angry.


Mood Messages

Create your own set of moody masks to use for the following demonstration.

Hold up the angry eye mask and angry mouth mask over your face as your students enter the counseling room.  Tell the students that you are really happy today! Today is the best day ever!  Pause for a moment and let the students process the message from both your moody mask and your words.

What is my mood today?  Am I feeling happy or mad?  What messages did I send you?  Which message was more powerful?  Did you believe I was happy?  How could you tell I was really angry?

Hold up the happy eye mask and happy mouth mask over your face.  Now how am I feeling?  How could you tell?

Hold up the sad eye mask and sad mouth mask over your face.  Now how am I feeling?  How could you tell?

 Mask Activity

Each student will create a set of moody masks.  Cut several paper plates in half.  Hand out plates, markers and craft sticks to each student.  Tape a craft stick to the left bottom corner of the eye mask and the right bottom corner of the mouth mask.  The students will take turns holding up their moody masks and guessing each person’s mood.