November Book Review & Activities: Kindness to Share from A to Z

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to involve your students in a community service project or to remind them to behave kindly.  Kindness to Share from A to Z written by Todd & Peggy Snow is the perfect tool to inspire your students to help others.  This book provides children with 26 simple ways to make a difference in the lives of others.  Each letter of the alphabet is used to express a kind act.  Don’t let the age recommendation of pre-k through second grade dissuade you from using it with older students.  I will give you a few suggestions on how to modify for various ages.


Discussion Questions

  1. What does being kind mean?
  2.  How do you feel when someone is kind to you?
  3. How do you feel when you are kind to someone else?
  4. Why is it important to treat others kindly?
  5. Do you ever do any of the kind things we just read about?
  6. What are some other ways we can show kindness?

Activity 1: Classroom A to Z Kindness Book

Ages: kindergarten through fifth grade

Procedure:  As a class make a list of possible kind acts. Each student will get one sheet of paper with a letter from the alphabet.  It is his or her responsibility to think of a kind act to go with his or her letter.  The student will then illustrate the kind act on his or her letter sheet.  Each sheet will be collected and put together to make a classroom A to Z Kindness Book.

A to Z Kindness Book

Modification: You will fill out the words before the activity for younger students and then have each student illustrate one sheet.

Activity 2: Alphabet Challenge Paper

Ages: 3rd through fifth grade

Procedure: Each student will receive a sheet of paper with the alphabet.  Challenge the students to list one kind act for every letter.

A to Z alphabet page

Modification: For younger students fill out the sheet together using a projector or overhead.

Activity 3: Catch the Kindness

Ages: 1st grade through fifth grade

Procedure: Have your students watch for acts of kindness.  If they catch someone doing something kind then they will fill out the, I caught you form.  The student will not include his or her name and will only recognize the person doing something kind by writing that student’s name on the form and the kind act.  I place a plastic bowl (mimic a fishbowl) or cup in each classroom.  The students will put their completed forms in the specified container.  When I visit for classroom guidance, I pull each kind act out of the bowl or cup and read it out loud to the class.  This is a fun way to honor those performing kind acts.  I take the forms with me and put them on my “Caught Doing Something Kind” bulletin board.

I Caught Form

Modification:  Fill out the forms for younger students and ask the teacher to participate as well.

Activity 4: Spread the Kindness

Ages: kindergarten through fifth grade

Procedure: Challenge your students to perform at least one kind act per day.

A to Z alphabet page

Modification: Older students will take a blank copy of the alphabet worksheet to fill out each time he or she performs a kind act.  If the student takes out the trash at home, then he or she would fill this out on the letter T.


Activity 5: Community Service Project

Ages: kindergarten through fifth grade

Procedure: Visit the Life Lessons for Little Ones Service Map Page.  Click on the different service projects and read the ideas to your students.  This is a fun way to explore different options for possible community service projects.  Pick the top three ideas and vote on the project your students would like to participte in.  After completing your school’s community service project, make sure to share your idea with others by filling out the form on the service project page.  Once your information is completed you will be emailed a certificate honoring your kind act.

Additional Activities

Annual Subscription Members will have access to Kindness Bingo and the A to Z Kindness Flip Book.  These resources will be available soon!