River Stones Rock!

What kid doesn’t love rocks?  I remember as a child visiting the lake and hunting for smooth stones.  My sister and I would rub the stones between our fingers and toss them into the water.  This process often left us feeling extremely relaxed and inspired us to have meaningful conversations.  Many of my students seem to share my love for stones.  I often catch them smuggling the stones from the playground into the classroom.  While observing this behavior I came to the conclusion that many of these students use the rocks as a stress reliever.   Much like my childhood behavior, they too appear more relaxed as they rub their hidden gems. 

Stone Activities

I came across these fabulous river stones at Hobby Lobby.  I love to use this set when working with a new student.  It is a fun and relaxing technique that it is sure to get your student talking while providing you with valuable information.  I put the stones in a basket and ask the child to pull a stone.  If they choose the Mother stone then I ask them to tell me something about their mother.  I also instruct the student to rub the stone.  You may also lay the stones face up on a table and ask the child to select a stone.  Why did they choose this stone?  What is special about this stone?  You may also have them put the stones in order.  This will tell you a lot about the family dynamics.  The options are endless on how to utilize these stones.  It is a great idea to purchase a blank set of stones.  You can personalize your set using a permanent marker.