Animal Cracker Counseling

Are you looking for a great activity to use at the beginning of the school year?  I find that incorporating a snack into a counseling activity is a great strategy to help kids open up.  Grab a bag of animal crackers and let the fun and self-discovery begin!


Objective: Students will explore their self-concept by relating to an animal.  Students will also verbalize which characteristics they would like to exhibit.

Ages: first grade through fifth grade

Procedure: This is a great activity to do with an individual or small group at the beginning of the school year. Each student will examine the animals in a pack of animal crackers or cookies.  He or she will then select an animal with characteristics similar to their own.  This is a fun way obtain information about how the student perceives him or herself.  Each student will share which animal they picked and how it is similar to him or her.  Each student will also identify an animal he or she would like to be more like and why.  By selecting an animal he or she would like to be more like, you are able to set goals with the student.

Animal Characteristic Questions