Chill Corner: activity #7 beach spin on stress balls

Stress balls are a fabulous tool to use with anxious and angry students.  However, stress balls are not the only option to use with your students.  I decided to utilize every day beach items to create squeezable stress relievers.  They are just as effective as stress balls and fit in perfectly with my chill corner beach theme.


Sponge:  I found a great selection of sponges in the painting section of Hobby Lobby.  Students love squeezing the sponge with either one hand or using both hands.

Noodle:  I took a noodle and cut it into smaller pieces.  This is an inexpensive way to create a  large amount of stress relievers.

Jellyfish: I filled a ziplock bag ¾ full of blue hair jell to resemble a jellyfish.  Seal the top and then place the ziplock bag into another ziplock bag to prevent leaking.  The students love the gooey feel, smell, and cold temperature of the hair jell.