Counselor Chill Corner: activity #1 flip flop stomp mat

Sometimes we just need a safe place to cool off and chill.  This area of your office might not be as spacious, but you can definitely incorporate your favorite elements.  I have over 25 activities in my chill corner.   Introducing your chill corner to students before they need to chill is always a great idea.  However, we don’t always have that option.  An angry student visiting for the first time will require a structured experience in the chill corner.  He or she will first need assistance in slowing down their breathing.  I use either four-square breathing, blowing bubbles, blowing a pinwheel, or even blowing up a balloon.  Once their breathing is under control, I introduce a stress ball or sponge.  You must set some ground rules on how to properly use this stress reliever.  Once the child’s body is relaxed then you can begin exploring what caused this child to experience this emotion.  There are several fun activities in my chill corner that will help the student process their anger.  I will be blogging about the different elements in my chill corner.

Flip Flop Stomp Mat

Don’t flip out! This super cute mat provides a safe outlet to get out aggression.  Students will love using the flip flop mat to stomp out their anger.  The goal is to teach students safe strategies to use to express their anger.  Many times students will use their hands and feet in negative ways to show anger.  The mat provides a safe and designated space to get out a little aggression without hurting themselves or anyone else.  There is no better place to chill than the beach!  This is why I chose to use a beach theme for my chill corner.  The flip flop mat fits in perfectly.


Mat or piece of Astroturf

Flip flops (boy & girl)

Super glue

Hot glue


Beach stuff for decorating the mat


 How to Make the Mat

You can make a mat with several pairs of flip flops or just one pair of flip flops.  Set each flip flop on the mat and trace around the edge of each flip flop.  Take your scissors and punch a hole on the flip flop outline.  Put your scissors through the hole and begin cutting on the line.  Cut off the toe piece of the flip flop so that the flip flop has a flat surface.  Apply superglue (I used gorilla glue) around the perimeter of the flip flop and on the mat.  Carefully secure the flip flop in the opening, so the top of the flip flop is almost flush with the top of the mat.  Then place something fairly heavy (I used a cereal bowl) on the flip flop for about 45 minutes to secure while drying.  Now let your creative juices flow!  Hot glue some type of rope around the edge of where the flip flop and mat touch.  This will make it flush and look clean.  Then decorate the mat using beach stuff (shells, umbrella, etc.)

Tip:  Use a blow-dryer to remove the stray strings of hot glue.





















Felt Foot Stomp Mat

This is a simpler alternative to using flip flops.  I used different designs of felt paper sheets for this mat.  I made sure to use a camouflage pattern that would appeal to boys.  Just like the other mat, I took flips flops and traced the design on the mat.  Then I cut along the line.  I then flipped the mat upside down and hot glued the different felt sheets face up onto the mat (design showing).   Then decorate the mat!  I like to let my students take their shoes off to stomp on this mat.  They enjoy feeling the different textures on their feet.