Dot Detective

Objective:  Students will explore what makes them special and unique.  This activity is also a fun icebreaker for group counseling or the beginning of the school year.

Grades: second grade through sixth grade

Materials: dot detective handouts, numbering system (1-16), and pencil

Recommended Book:  The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Procedure: Each student will be given a dot.  The student can either put his or picture on one side or write his or her name.  On the other side the student will write three unique facts about him or herself.  Make sure the students do not show their dot to anyone else.  You will then collect all of the dots and place each of them under a different number (1 through 16).  Each student will then receive a Do You Know the Dot handout.  Either you can read the clues out loud to the students or the students can examine each dot on their own.  The student will then write the name of the person they think the dot belongs to on their handout.  You will then reveal the picture or name of each dot and the students will mark their handout with either a check or an x depending on if they guessed correctly.  The students will add up their total of correct dot guesses.  The student who has the most correct answers is the Dot Detective winner!

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Dot Detective Instructions

Dot Detective Handout

Discussion Dots