Face Cutout Picture Stand: Face it who wants to be in a bad mood?

I’ve encountered my fair share of students who need cheering up!  I am a big fan of the happy picture.  The happy picture is an activity I do with many of my students who have a difficult time stopping an unwanted thought.  I ask the student to draw a picture of something that makes him or her happy or even laugh.  The student returns to class with his or her happy picture.  If they feel the unwanted thought creeping back into their head then they know to pull out their happy picture.  I tell them to focus on this picture until the thought disappears or is less intense.  Once they become comfortable with this concept then we practice picturing the thought in our heads instead of using the actual picture.

Using a face cutout for your happy picture










What is more funny or distracting then a face cutout picture?  The two above pictures are my personal happy pictures.  They are located on my phone and are utilized often!  My poor husband had no clue his face would be used for my personal amusement and the amusement of others.

 Option 1: Bulletin Board Paper Cutout Picture Stand











bulletin board paper, poster paint or acrylic paint, paintbrush, scissors, small plate, pencil, velcro, and rolling garment rack


I purchased a rolling garment rack from Wal Mart for $9.99.  I placed a strip of velcro on both the top left and right corner and the bottom left and right corner of the rack.  I like using the rolling rack because I am able to easily switch out different face cutout illustrations.  It is also easy to move out of the way or to transport to classrooms for classroom guidance.










I chose to illustrate a mermaid and pirate because they also worked well with my chill corner.  Decide on where you want to place the face cutout.  Be sure your students will be able to reach the hole for their face.  It is best to use a small plate, a salad plate works well, to trace the hole for the face cutout.  Use your scissors to puncture a hole in the center of the circle.  Then cut out the circle.  Find some inspiration by looking online for a cute or silly picture to replicate.  Once the paint is dry, you may want to laminate your creation for durability.  Then place velcro strips on the back of both the top left and right corner and the bottom left and right corner of your bulletin board paper.  Attach your bulletin board paper to the rolling garment rack.  Now it is time to step behind the rack and take your own photo.  You would not want to miss out on all the fun, would you?

Option 2: Poster Board Cutout Picture Stand

This option is great for those who do not have a lot of space.


tri-fold display board, poster board, yarn, markers, clothing, construction paper, glue, scissors, velcro, and salad plate


I used a tri-fold display board to support my poster board picture.  I then took a blue sheet of poster board and a white sheet of poster board and glued them together.  Make sure to place the blue poster board on top slightly halfway over the middle mark.  I then cut waves into the blue poster board.  Attach the poster board to the tri-fold display board using either glue or velcro, depending if you want to use the display board for a different background.  I used a red sheet of poster board to create a surfboard.  I then cut out a pair of feet and a pair of hands. I made pony tails using brown yarn and glued flowers on top of the knots.  I drew on short hair using a brown marker.  I glued the feet to the board.  I did not glue the hands to the board because the boy sleeves were longer then the girl sleeves.  I measured where the hands needed to be placed on both pictures and simply put velcro on the poster board in both locations.  This made it easy to move the hands when changing gender pictures.



















I bought boy Hawaiian clothing and girl Hawaiian clothing at the Salvation Army.  The clothing ended up costing a total of $3.00.  I glued the Hawaiian shirt and shorts together and I glued the grass skirt to the floral top.  Make sure both your boy clothing and girl clothing are close to the same size.  I placed velcro dots on the back of the ponytails, hands, and clothing.  I also placed velcro dots on the poster board to attach the different clothing and hair.  The last step is to cut out the circle for the face.

  Option 3: Order Face Cutout Picture

Great option for those who do not have time or energy to create their own face cutout picture stand.


$6.99 each



 Other Use

If you have a program at your school where you recognize star students with great character or good behavior then why not take it a step farther?  Make a face cutout picture with a huge star and cut out a hole in the middle for the student’s face.  Students who earn these special awards will take their picture in the face cutout photo stand.  Display the pictures on your bulletin board or send them home with the student.