Feeling Box

It was time to create a new tool to help my students identify and process their feelings.  My main goal in developing a new resource is to use a creative approach that will grab the attention of my students.  In order to accomplish this task I would normally strive to think outside of the box.  However, this time I opted to think inside of the box!  Many times we tend to keep our feelings inside.  The feeling box holds a variety of emotions.

Feeling Box Preparation

I decorated a striped, square kleenex box.  I then printed out several emotion cards and placed them inside the box.


The feeling box may be used in both individual counseling and in group counseling.  Each student will pull a feeling word out of the box.  The student may act out the feeling, give clues about the feeling, or share their personal experience with the feeling.  The other students in the group or the counselor may take turns guessing the feeling word.

You may also give your students the option to create their own feeling box.  The students may either place pre-made feeling cards inside of their box or create their own feeling cards.

 Feeling Cards