Fruit Feelings

 Fruit Feelings is a fun and tasty way to explore feelings.  This activity may be utilized in group counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling.

Objective: Students will identify different feelings

Ages: Kindergarten through Second Grade

Materials: an assortment of fruit, permanent markers, and any other art supplies depending on how creative you want to be

Procedure: Before your session, draw different facial expressions depicting different emotions on an assortment of fruit (use fruit with skin). Let your students explore and play with the fruit. Most students jump right in and begin role-playing and creating stories about the fruit and the cause of their emotional state.

Have students guess the emotion of each piece of fruit. What signs or clues did the fruit give?
Ask students to make up a story about the fruit.
Ask students to role-play using the fruit. Act out each feeling.
Ask students which fruit they are the most like and why?
Ask students which piece of fruit is most like each of their family members.