June Book Review & Activity: Zero written by Kathryn Otoshi

I couldn’t resist reviewing another amazing book written by Kathryn Otoshi.  Just like many kids, Zero feels like she lacks value.  All Zero sees is an empty hole…right in her center. She desperately wants to count like the other numbers.  Zero attempts to be more like the other numbers by pushing and pulling, stretching and straightening, pinching and puckering, but no matter what she does she cannot change.  Maybe she can gain value by impressing the other numbers with her fast rolling.  She rolls faster…and faster…and FASTER!  She rolls so fast that she soars into the air and knocks over the numbers.  Just as she is about to give up, Seven points out, “It’s what’s inside that counts most.”  Zero decides she is not empty inside.  Instead she is open!  With the help of her new perspective, Zero discovers a clever way for both her and the numbers to have even more value by working together.  The numbers and Zero explore and have fun, bringing more value to everyone.

Discussion Questions

1. What does it mean to have value?

2. Do you have value?  What is your value?

3. Why do you think Zero only saw an empty hole inside?

4. Do you ever feel like a Zero?

5. Do you ever try to be more like other kids?

6. Why did Zero try to be like the other numbers?

7. Why wasn’t she able to change her shape?

8. How did Seven help Zero find her value?

9. How did Zero bring more value to everyone?

10.  How do you bring more value to other people?


What Is Your Value Activity

The following activity is perfect for group counseling or classroom guidance.

We all have value and add additional value to each other.  Each student will get a coin handout.  Write something valuable about the person on their coin.  What is something great this student adds to our classroom, school, or community?  Example:  smart, funny, nice, helpful, understanding, responsible, etc.


  Gold Coin Template

Coin Template