Miss Fannie’s Hat: Book Review & Activity

Miss Fannie’s Hat is a beautiful story about the power of giving back.  Your students will be mesmerized by all of Fannie’s fabulous hats. Miss Fannie, a 99 year old woman, has lots of great hats, and she claims each one is her favorite.  However, her most famous pink straw with silk roses’ hat that she wears every Easter is clearly her most favorite hat of all.  One Sunday morning the preacher asks Fannie if she will donate one of her fabulous hats to the church auction.  As she struggles with the decision of which hat to donate she relives all of the great moments attached to each hat.  Even though she is extremely sad to part with her Easter hat, she knows it will raise the most money. Miss Fannie beams with excitement as she begins to think about the great things her hat can bring to the community.  Even though  Fannie shows up to church on Easter Sunday without a hat, she discovers that her hat lives on through the wonderful improvements made possible by the simple gift of giving back.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why did the preacher ask Miss Fannie to donate one of her hats?
  2. Have you ever donated something?
  3. Why was it difficult for Miss Fannie to part with her favorite hat?
  4. Would it be difficult for you to part with something special?
  5. Why do you think Miss Fannie picked her most favorite hat of all to donate?
  6. How did Miss Fannie’s hat help others?
  7. Did Miss Fannie’s hat make a difference?
  8. How can you make a difference?

Hat Activity

 Step 1:

Cut a slit in the rim of the plate.  Then cut out the center of the plate.  Once the center is cut out then reconnect the slit using tape or glue.  You will then need a small bowl.


Step 2:

Attach the bowl to the plate using hot glue.  Depending on the style of the hat, you may leave the plate facing right-side up or turn it upside down.  It best to paint or color the bowl and hat before connecting them together.

Step 3:

Now let the fun begin.  Instruct the students to decorate their own hat.  Encourage your students to create a hat that illustrates their unique personality or a positive message about helping others.  You may choose to have your students write a message about giving back somewhere one their hat.