Talking Stress Balls

Stress balls are a great relaxation tool to use with both children and adults. I found these talking stress balls on the Office Playground website.
I received my order last week on an especially stressful day.  However, that all changed as soon as I opened my box and began squeezing! The funny looking man in the middle sounds a lot like my husband which had me in tears.  He is constantly telling me to take it easy which of course makes me do the opposite. According to my husband I have a lot in common with the orange haired stress ball on the left.  He heard the annoying laugh from his office and insisted it was me and not a stress ball. My dog is obsessed with the stress ball on the right…its days are numbered!  Needless to say we have all been very entertained since the stress balls arrived.


Have a Listen!

Stress Ball 1

Stress Ball 2

Stress Ball 3

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