Last Minute Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is a time to show other people how much you care for them. Even though I strongly believe this concept should be practiced daily, I appreciate the opportunity to reinforce this idea. The following activities are great last minute ideas that are sure to inspire your students to embrace the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Love You List

Ages: first through adult

Materials: Love You List print out, pencil, scissors, bag or box

Love You List

Procedure: Each student will receive a love you list sheet. You will call out each student’s name and ask the students to write the name and something you love about this person. The students will cut out each rectangle strip once their list is complete. Collect all of the rectangular strips and place them in a box or bag. You may either have students draw a love you strip out of the box and read it to the class or you may choose to read each strip out loud. Another option would be to instruct each student to deliver the appropriate strip to the student it is written about.  Students will love hearing all of the kind things written about them.

Secret Hearts

Ages: kindergarten through adult

Materials: heart handout, pencil, scissors

heart template

Procedure: You may print out the hearts on white paper or colored paper. Hand out a few heart sheets to each student. Instruct the students to cut out the hearts and write a nice message on each heart for someone in their class (encourage them to write a note to each class member), a family member, or even the teacher. Throughout the day, the students will hide their secret hearts in creative locations like: in desks, backpacks, jacket pockets, etc. Students will love finding their secret heart messages throughout the day.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Ages: kindergarten through sixth grade


• 9″ dinner plate or paper plate

• Sturdy paper or thin cardboard

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Hearts

• Different Colored Construction paper

• Markers

• Glue or tape

• Yarn or ribbon for hanger (optional)

heart template

How to make it:

1. Trace around the 9″ plate onto the sturdy paper or cardboard

2. Draw another circle inside that one, about an inch away from the outside

3. Cut out the circle and the center of the circle to create the wreath template

4. Cut out all the hearts or have your students help cut out the hearts. Using markers, each student will write a nice or kind phrases on their heart.

5. Arrange the hearts on top of the cardboard wreath shape and glue or tape them down.

6. Attach a piece of yarn or ribbon to the wreath for hanging

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